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Default Theme Modifier PRO is an opinionated OpenCart extension which lets you quite extensively modify default OpenCart v3.x theme. You can modify lots of theme colors, hide elements, add additional text to footer, add Google Fonts, add labels for SPECIALS, and even add your own CSS code if needed.

default theme modifier pro

The extension is built to make significant changes to the default OpenCart theme with a low risk of third party extension compatibility issues. It's both a good thing, and not so good. Good one - you'll probably won't have issues after installing other extensions to OpenCart store. Not so good - it's not magic. You'll be able to do lots of tweaks, but it's still in the range of what default OpenCart theme can do. Now let's get to features.

default theme modifier pro for opencart

It is an OCMOD extension - no core files are overwritten.


General Settings

  • Hide COMPARE
  • Show sidebar on mobile
  • Show left sidebar after content on mobile
  • Disable rounded corners on the whole site
  • Hide product thumbnail borders
  • Simplify breadcrumbs styling
  • Remove < hr > from footer
  • Add CUSTOM CSS (basic textarea field for adding any css if needed)

Product page

  • Hide default Social Share buttons
  • Hide Stock Status
  • Hide Model
  • Hide Reward points
  • Hide Manufacturer
  • Remove < hr > from product page
  • Improve Specifications tab styling (automatically customizes table styling)
  • Improve Reviews tab styling (automatically customizes table styling)

Background and colors

  • Change body background color
  • Add body background image (with image position / cover size / repeat options)
  • Add different content and product thumbnail background color if needed (or leave transparent)
  • Add custom theme accent color, change primary button colors, change footer background and font colors

Body and heading fonts

  • Change main theme font - select from 40+ Google Fonts
  • Change main font color
  • Change main font size
  • Change headings font - select from 40+ Google Fonts
  • Change headings color

Specials label

  • Add label to products with SPECIALS (including bestsellers, featured products and other default product modules)
  • You may enter any multilanguage text (for example SALE!)
  • Instead of multilangue text system can calculate and show discount percent (for example -40% )
  • Change label background color, text color and font size


  • Add custom footer text (4 areas)
  • Remove most of the default footer links

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