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Better OpenCart Newsletter is easy to use extension which extends OpenCart Mail sending functionality with scheduling, sending specific number of emails at a time, and unsubscribe link.

Main extension purpose is to avoid hosting provider limitations (if your hosting provider limits how much emails you can send in an hour you can schedule how much you want to send at a time).

Extension features:

  • You can set how many emails (newsletters) you can send at one time. For example, if your hosting provider lets send you 100 emails per hour, you can schedule sending 50 emails per hour even if you have thousands of emails in a subscriber’s list. They all will be sent in portions (X recipients every Y minutes).
  • Want to start sending newsletters after 3 days but You won’t be by the computer then? No problem – schedule to start sending emails at the specified date and time.
  • Every newsletter should have an unsubscribe link. This extension lets you add it in the end of the email text. One-click automatic unsubscribe.
  • Send Email function can be triggered in 2 ways: automatically when someone visits your store’s homepage or by setting up cronjob in your server.
  • No OpenCart files are overwritten.

Extension works with OpenCart v1.5.5.1 – v2.3.x.x versions.
VQMOD is required for this extension.

better opencart newsletter extension settings page

Better OpenCart Newsletter settings page

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OpenCart versions supported:, 1.5.6,,,,,,,,,,,,,

VQMOD is required.