OpenCart extension

better filter opencart extension

Reload filters on click
Make large filter look compact
Clear filters in one click

Extension features:

  • Extension removes Refine Search button. Instead of it you can just click on the filter option you want, and page automatically reloads content with the selected filter. This is achieved without Ajax so you don’t loose selected filters while using Back button in the browser.
  • You can select maximum height of the filter (in pixels), so even the large filter list can look compact and use minimal space in the browser.
  • You can change background colors for filters so they can be more visible and clear for store customers.
  • All the active filters are shown below the filter list, so customer can easily turn them off one by one or all in one click.
  • The extension is multilanguage, so words Active Filters and Clear All Filters can be changed or translated in any language directly from admin panel.
  • This extension uses original OpenCart filter files, so it can be used with any OpenCart design template that is compatible with default filter module.
  • No OpenCart files are overwritten.
  • OCMOD and VQMOD versions available.

Extension works with OpenCart v1.5.5.1 – v2.3.x.x versions.

better filter opencart


OpenCart versions supported:, 1.5.6,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Available versions: OCMOD and VQMOD.

Need help with installation?
ImakeITwork offers free extension installation (if you need it). Just send us email with your Order ID and store login details to .

Installation may take up to 24 hours.