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opencart bad customers - detect problematic customers or guests orders

Do you have customers who order your products, but don’t pay after the courier delivers to them? Or they constantly return products without any specific reasons? With Bad Customers extension you can detect them automatically!

With Bad Customers extension you can mark problematic customer’s order, and all of the following orders from the same person will be highlighted automatically.

Extension features:

  • Extension detects bad customers (or guests) by their email, phone number, payment or shipping address, or by IP address.
  • You can select in the extension settings which customer data to check.
  • OCMOD and VQMOD versions are available. VQMOD – from OpenCart v2.0.0.0 to the latest OpenCart version, OCMOD – from OpenCart v2.2.0.0 to the latest versions.

opencart bad customers extension


OpenCart versions supported:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Available versions: OCMOD and VQMOD.

Need help with installation?
ImakeITwork offers free extension installation (if you need it). Just send us email with your Order ID and store login details to .

Installation may take up to 24 hours.