OpenCart extension

Add any number of internal or external links to OpenCart administration menu.

For example:

  • store suppliers
  • social networks
  • analytics tools
  • shortcuts to store modules and other administration pages
  • any links you can think of

Organize links by creating categories for them.

Group links by categories. Sort them by sort numbers.

Open links in the same or new window.

add links to admin menu administration

Add Links To Admin Menu administration panel


OpenCart versions supported:, 1.5.6,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Available versions: OCMOD and VQMOD.

Demo username demo
Demo password demo
After logging in go to admin panel go to Extensions >> Modules >> Add Links To Admin Menu.

Need help with installation?
ImakeITwork offers free extension installation (if you need it). Just send us email with your Order ID and store login details to .

Installation may take up to 24 hours.