opencart add captcha

If you get lots of spam messages from your OpenCart store contact form, or you have lots of fake customers registering everyday, you should start using CAPTCHA codes to avoid all the bots. Starting from version v2.1.0.1 OpenCart has two different CAPTCHA modules integrated which you can start using in just couple of minutes. Here you’ll find a tutorial how to enable OpenCart CAPTCHA.

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premium opencart themes

Looking for a Premium OpenCart theme that would make your online store stand out from thousands of other e-stores? Here you’ll find four OpenCart themes that look and feel different. They may not suit all the usual all-in-one multistores very well, but sometimes the styling is the key to stand out from the crowd if you have a unique product.

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how to use opencart filters

If you have lots of products and categories in your store, one thing you want to do is to help your customers find exactly what they need faster and easier. A good way to accomplish it – to add product filters. Here you’ll find simple instructions how to add product filters to your OpenCart store. Read more

opencart ocmod extension installation

OCMOD is a virtual file modification system built especially for OpenCart, and it’s integrated to v2.0.0.0 and later OpenCart versions. It’s a simpler version of vQmod (less functional for developers, a bit more practical for store owners). Here you’ll find some information how to use OCMOD extensions in your OpenCart store.

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opencart vqmod

If you have an OpenCart store, but you don’t know what the vQmod is and what it is used for, here you’ll find some information why you may need it in your store, and how to install it.

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opencart christmas extensions

Christmas is just around the corner! But what about your store? Have you already added cheerful Christmas decorations to it? If not, here’s three OpenCart extensions that can bring some winter mood to your website (by the way, did I mention that two of them are FREE?).

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