opencart christmas extensions

Christmas is just around the corner! But what about your store? Have you already added cheerful Christmas decorations to it? If not, here’s three OpenCart extensions that can bring some winter mood to your website (by the way, did I mention that two of them are FREE?).

Snowfall in your OpenCart store

First extension you should check out – Snow Animation for Christmas by viethemes. This free extension adds light snowflakes effect to your online store. Extension can be installed directly from OpenCart admin panel via Extension installer.

opencart snowflakes extension

The second free extension – Christmas Snow Flake by modulepoints. Extension comes in vQmod or OCMOD, so it can be used on any OpenCart store, even if you still use OpenCart v1.5.x versions. Snowflake colors can be changed via admin panel to fit any background.

opencart snow extension

Want to make a huge smile on your customer’s face when they come to your store? Bigboss555 has an extension that might work for you – OpenCart Christmas animation. It may not suit your store very well if you’re running classic clothing store, but if you’re running toy store, it may fit just great! Click here for demo.

opencart christmas extension


Did you like any of these extensions? Which one you liked the most? Suggest more Christmas plugins that you think should be listed here!


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