opencart ocmod extension installation

What is OCMOD and how to install OCMOD extensions (with or without FTP credentials)

OCMOD is a virtual file modification system built especially for OpenCart, and it’s integrated to v2.0.0.0 and later OpenCart versions. It’s a simpler version of vQmod (less functional for developers, a bit more practical for store owners). Here you’ll find some information how to use OCMOD extensions in your OpenCart store.

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opencart vqmod

What is vQmod and how to install it in Your OpenCart system

If you have an OpenCart store, but you don’t know what the vQmod is and what it is used for, here you’ll find some information why you may need it in your store, and how to install it.

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opencart resolve www

OpenCart SEO – how to improve product visibility on search engines

There are lots of ways to improve sales in your store – you can organize large marketing campaigns, invest in advertising. It all cost you serious money and often does not work very well in the long run. One thing you can do to avoid big expenses in the future is to fill your store SEO data properly. And I’m not talking about OpenCart SEO extensions that generate random text for product metadata. It needs to be logical and client-friendly. Read more

opencart permission denied

OpenCart Permission Denied error – how to easily fix it

So you installed a new module to your OpenCart store, but you see Permission Denied error and cannot access it’s administration page. If you have no idea how to fix it, here’s a short tutorial how to do it.
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opencart installation

How to install OpenCart on any host in 10 minutes

In this tutorial I will provide you with detailed instructions on how to install OpenCart on any hosting account. It’s very simple and straightforward, you won’t need any special IT or coding skills – just a basic computer knowledge.
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opencart subcategory products in categories

How to show subcategory products on parent category pages in OpenCart

Just after installing any version of OpenCart you may notice that if you have multiple level categories in your store, subcategory products are not shown in parent or top category. That might be an issue for some. But there is a simple and quick solution for that. You just need vQmod in your system and one small free OpenCart extension.
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