opencart christmas extensions

Christmas is just around the corner! But what about your store? Have you already added cheerful Christmas decorations to it? If not, here’s three OpenCart extensions that can bring some winter mood to your website (by the way, did I mention that two of them are FREE?).

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opencart resolve www

There are lots of ways to improve sales in your store – you can organize large marketing campaigns, invest in advertising. It all cost you serious money and often does not work very well in the long run. One thing you can do to avoid big expenses in the future is to fill your store SEO data properly. And I’m not talking about OpenCart SEO extensions that generate random text for product metadata. It needs to be logical and client-friendly. Read more

opencart subcategory products in categories

Just after installing any version of OpenCart you may notice that if you have multiple level categories in your store, subcategory products are not shown in parent or top category. That might be an issue for some. But there is a simple and quick solution for that. You just need vQmod in your system and one small free OpenCart extension.
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opencart filter logic

Anyone who uses OpenCart store with large filter list knows that default filter logic might be a bit strange and a unexpected. For example, if you have filter groups Color and Size, and customer selects Color->Red, and Size->5, OpenCart shows all products that have red color, and all products that have size 5 at the same time. Instead of showing all red pruducts that are size 5.

In other words, default OpenCart does not combine filters with each other. So you may need an extension that can change that behaviour.

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edit opencart language files

I thing every OpenCart user knows that this e-commerce platform can be used in almost any language you want without aditional extensions- multilanguage support is built-in. But editing language files might be tricky – you need to browse for files in FTP, and it’s not very convenient. Is there a better way?

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opencart one page checkout

Every e-commerce store should be built with two extremely important things in mind – security, and great customer experience. Website should be easy to use, simple to navigate, and all the process from picking the right product to checkout should be as clear as possible. If you have lots of visitors in your store, but not much sales, the major problem could be the checkout page.

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